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At Recat GmbH we offer you excellent value and super service that will allow your business to grow with us. We blend exceptional skills coming from global presence and localized touch of our operations in Germany. Our mail focus is to make sure that you always get the best value.

We understand that in the business of recycling of precious metals time and accuracy is key to develop and grow. We give you that edge.

No matter if you bring wasted catalytic converters by pieces or sell us monolith – we will always strive to give you that edge and equip you with excellent service, accuracy of our ICP measures and fast payments.

Together we can add lots of value for your operations and make sure that we do the business in sustainable way.

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    We are strongly focused on processes that drives your business forward. We make sure that the business process is as smooth as possible. We invest a lot in the development of the technology that allows to make processes seamless whether that relates to our top notch ICP laboratory.
    Recat GmbH is a part of Elemental Holding Group – global leader in recycling of strategic metals. That global exposure gives us the edge that we could share with you to help your business grow. On the other hand we act locally adjusting to your local needs.
    We keep working on adding value to your business. We offer fast payments, quick ICP results, good prices for metals and solutions to grow your volumes. We help in many other aspect to save your time and costs whether it is about transportation, documentation or post sales service.
Our offer
  • Ceramic Catalyst

    Maximize your returns with our top-tier catalytic converter recycling services! We buy in bulk and offer unbeatable market prices. Partner with us!

  • Metallic catalytic converters

    Maximize profits with our metallic catalytic converter recycling! Bulk purchasing & top market rates. Join us for a rewarding recycling experience!

  • DPF filters

    Boost your eco-friendliness with DPF recycling! Our cutting-edge process reclaims and repurposes filters just like catalytic converters.

  • O2 Probes

    Increase earnings with our O2 probe recycling services! Expert wholesale purchasing & top market rates. Join us for a profitable recycling adventure!


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