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For your used catalytic converters, monoliths, diesel particulate filters and similar materials, we offer you a bouquet of opportunities of processing, hedging and payment. We always want to get the best results from your materials.

In addition to our proven competence, the trust of each customer is important – therefore: Get to know us and convince yourself of our services around PGM recycling.

Your material in good hands

With our incoming inspection, we ensure right from the start that your material is handled in the best possible way.

Clean documentation and transparent communication with customers from the first contact:

  • Reconciliation of all shipping documents
  • Accurate incoming weighings
  • Photo documentation
  • Lot splitting according to customer requirements
  • Selection of the best processing method

We bring out the best for you and the environment – that’s a promise.

We bring out the best for you and the environment – that’s a promise.

Whether you supply complete catalysts, broken or fine monolith, we always ensure that optimal treatment takes place, ensuring accurate analysis and the best processing in the smelters.

Of course, we rely on certified, environmentally friendly processes.

  • Separate production lines for simultaneous processing of several customers without mixing of material (incl. dust)
  • Flexible use of millers of different capacities to ensure high quality and efficiency for each batch size.
  • Integrated processes between production, sampling and laboratory – we always have everything in view.
  • Single catalyst analysis on request.

Core Competences Accuracy & Speed

  • ICP in few days
    Our top notch ICP laboratory, certified, qualified and well recognized by industrial leaders can get your accurate final assays in few days.
  • Even faster with XRF
    With fluorescence method we can have approximate assays the same day. That means we can pay for your material very quick
  • Accuracy is key
    We use chemical analysis to have best possible results for you. We can fully settle the contract against that assays. Our assays are on the spot.
Hedging, Payments, Settlements

Many paths to joint success

To sell the metals detected during the analysis we offer you different services:

  • Fixation of prices before delivery 
  • Direct sale to us 
  • Safekeeping precious metals on metal accounts for you 
  • Flexible payment solutions with advance payments
Further services

We provide support in all matters related to catalyst recycling

We provide support in all matters relating to catalyst recycling:

  • Sample analysis for precious metals
  • Waste classification/advice
  • Customs clearance
  • Waste shipment (notification/Annex VII)
  • Logistical support
Questions? We are always available for you

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