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Preserving values: Our recycling makes disposed precious metals available again to the producing industry.

When it comes to precious metal recycling from used automotive catalytic converters and monolith, we combine our passion for the material with precision processing and cutting-edge market knowledge to turn your values into countable success for you.


RECAT GmbH looks back on a great past, but our focus is on the success of the future.

Founded in 2011 as TSR-Kat GmbH as a combination of experts in precious metal recycling and the large TSR Group, we are now better off than ever with the Global Elemental Holding Group behind us.

Since autumn 2017 we are RECAT GmbH – but the inner drive to offer our customers best service and first-class analysis of their materials has not changed!

RECAT over the years
Experts in precious metal recycling and the TSR-Group jointly establish TSR-KAT GmbH to successfully recycle used automotive catalysts.
In hall 14 of the E.G.O. industrial park under the Ravensburg in Sulzfeld (Baden), the approved operation begins.
Right from the start with its own laboratory and strong team.
With the participation of the Elemental Group from Poland we reposition ourselves as RECAT GmbH.
Our network in precious metal recycling now extends all over the world!
After eleven years, it is time to review the internal structure.
With new management, we are preserving the tried and true and modernizing the outdated.
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  • 2012
  • 2017
  • 2022
Proven to be good!

Certified to handle waste

Our recycling makes disposed precious metals available again to the producing industry.

Why Choose Us?

Highly skilled professionals who possess expertise


    We understand that in order to succeed we need to have a full understanding of your business. Only then we are able to help you grow it. We threat you with care and approach of genuine partner with whom we solve all cases together. We keep long lasting relations and keep investing in activities to improve your satisfaction. We are flexible and understand that every business and every person is unique. Our priority is top notch service for you.


    We are strongly focused on processes that drives your business forward. We make sure that the business process is as smooth as possible. We invest a lot in the development of the technology that allows to make processes seamless whether that relates to our top notch ICP laboratory, catalogue application or internal processes.


    Recat GmbH is a part of Elemental Holding Group – global leader in recycling of strategic metals. That global exposure gives us the edge that we could share with you to help your business grow. On the other hand we act locally adjusting to your local needs. Our German Quality is well recognized by our suppliers


    We keep working on adding value to your business. We offer fast payments, quick ICP results, good prices for metals and solutions to grow your volumes. We help in many other aspect to save your time and costs whether it is about transportation, documentation or post sales service. We always seek benefits for our suppliers and solve challenges together.

Bond to the region
As a future-oriented and environmentally friendly business location, the Baden municipality lies directly in the high-tech region of Kraichgau-Stromberg, between Karlsruhe and Heilbronn, with optimal access to the transport network.
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Where beautiful countryside meets the high-tech industry of the Stuttgart and Karlsruhe metropolitan areas.

Bond to the region…
Connected to the world

Our Network
RECAT GmbH is a part of the Elemental Group, the international group of precious metal recyclers.