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We create value for our suppliers

At Recat GmbH we offer you excellent value and super service that will allow your business to grow with us.


We blend exceptional skills coming from global presence and localized touch of our operations in Germany. Our main focus is to make sure that you always get the best value.

  • Excellent service and partnership

    We are strongly focused on processes that drives your business forward. We make sure that the business process is as smooth as possible.


    We invest a lot in the development of the technology that allows to make processes seamless whether that relates to our top notch ICP laboratory, catalogue application or internal processes.

Our passion

Recycling of Precious Metals

DPF filters

Boost your eco-friendliness with DPF recycling! Our cutting-edge process reclaims and repurposes filters just like catalytic converters.

Ceramic Catalyst

Maximize your returns with our top-tier catalytic converter recycling services! We buy in bulk and offer unbeatable market prices. Partner with us!

Metallic catalytic converters

Maximize profits with our metallic catalytic converter recycling! Bulk purchasing & top market rates. Join us for a rewarding recycling experience!

O2 Probes

Increase earnings with our O2 probe recycling services! Expert wholesale purchasing & top market rates. Join us for a profitable recycling adventure!

How we buy
  • Buying by piece

    Through our constantly updated, extensive database Mobile App, we are able to evaluate your catalysts individually, quickly, and easily and to buy - even at your site!
    And: We pay fair prices for your materials.

  • Toll-Refining / Monolith

    For larger quantities (from approx. 100 pieces), dismantled blocks and monoliths, we offer payment based on the actual precious metal content. We process and analyse your material and pay you immediately after the results are available.

  • Metal account

    Your material is processed and analysed by us. After the PGM are recovered by reputable refiners, you can freely dispose of them.

How we operate

Reliable and flexible processes for your needs

1. Announcement

You first announce that you will deliver the lots. We make sure that we are prepared to seamlessly and quickly receipt.

2. Decanning

Once we have your pieces we decan them and put the ceramic or metallics hearts of it into our mills. In case you bring.

3. Sampling

Proper sampling is the next step that we do. We take few samples of your already homogenized material. This is crucial.

4. Assaying and ICP

This is where magic happens. Once we have few samples we assay them. First is initial check with XRF gun.

5. Settlements

Base on our ICP we can finally settle the lots with you - both from documentation as well as financial perspective.


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Metals we bring back to the world

Precious Metals we deal with





Rhodium – Hard, silvery-white element, one of the six platinum group metals.

A hard silvery-white element mostly used in automotive catalysts and jewelry (white gold).





Palladium – Exciting stories and benefits wait to be discovered within each individual piece.

A silvery-white metal with lowest melting point of PGM used in automotive catalysts, electronics and with a key-role in hydrogen industry.





Platinum – Dense but ductile, with a stunning silverish-white lustre imbued within its surface.

A ductile silvery-white element of various uses in automotive catalysts, electronics, dentistry and jewelry.
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As a future-oriented and environmentally friendly business location, the Baden municipality lies directly in the high-tech region between Karlsruhe and Heilbronn, with optimal access to the transport network. The proximity to France pays off and even Switzerland is quickly accessible.


Download the application RECAT

Download our app to keep up to date with your order and news from RECAT. Available soon on Android and iOS.
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